Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

Tash Hills – ‘Come On’

As an artist known for her love of the disco and RnB sounds, Portsmouth native Tash Hills is back once again to deliver another funk-filled dose of her distinctly loveable direction on ‘Come On’. With its bold and bouncing direction, not to mention the insatiable basslines throughout, her latest efforts shows her as a fun and upbeat name emerging on the scene.

Miss Cactus – ‘Closer’

Following the enormous support for her previously shared offering ‘Timing’ earlier this year, emerging artist Miss Cactus has now returned with her latest vibrant delight ‘Closer’. Lifted from her forthcoming debut EP ‘LuvMirage’, her latest groove channels a mixture of reggae and pop influences to create a wonderfully enticing return.

Lina Cooper – ‘What I Gave To You’

Building on the momentum she gathered for her previously unveiled cut ‘Ethereal’ in recent months, self-proclaimed “yellow manic pixie dream girl” Lina Cooper has now returned with her latest gem ‘What I Gave To You’. Teaming up with Yah Kumasi for the release, the pair crack out this beautifully rich and textured swoon that perfectly elevates her sensual voice.

John Roseboro – ‘Mere Mortal’

As an artist that is always looking for the soulful and atmospheric edges to his music, emerging singer and songwriter John Roseboro delivers his brilliant new single ‘Mere Mortal’. Lifted from his forthcoming new album ‘Human Nature’, which is out later this year, this new release sees him transcend convention to unveil a wonderfully stripped-back acoustic-led serenade.

Bad Pop – ‘Grey Area’

Since returning from a three-year hiatus in recent months, Canadian outfit Bad Pop are ready to show the world what they have been busy working on as they share their newest belter ‘Grey Area’. Lifted from their forthcoming new EP ‘Dark Metal’, this new release sees them deliver a firm and ferocious alt-rock stunner, filled with enormous riffs and anthemic production.