Aorta Project reveal new cathartic electronic/alternative driven single 'Wounded Warrior' on B.A.M. Recordings - X5 Music Group.

Electronic music lives and dies by an ability to create connections with its audience. For Aorta Project - led by composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Steven Sheffield - the fragile balance between intoxicating introspection and volatile release is paramount. To this end, Sheffield transforms our darkest moments into transcendent epiphanies of reflection and self-expression. In short, aortaproject represents dark and alternative electronica at its most emotionally intimate, poignant, and cathartic.

Bursting with deep bass, delicate melodies, and powerful climaxes, Sheffield presents lush and organic compositions that boast a notable sense of vulnerability, honesty, and integrity. Deeply personal, yet cinematic in scope, these soundscapes combine a sharp Reznor-like authority with subtle intricacies a la Jon Hopkins, while taking further inspiration from such acts as God Is An Astronaut, Moderat, UNKLE, and Oceansize. Although Sheffield handles instrumentation and composition, he consistently favors collaboration over recognition. Aorta Project features a cast of unique vocalists, with three distinct voices appearing on forthcoming tracks.

After the release of last year’s full length Dark Secrets, featuring the ever-evocative Imitara, Aorta Project offers a unique schedule for 2021. Rather than releasing an album proper, each month will see a new single. The first of which,“To the Uninitiated,” was described by Burnt Coffee Reviews as “easily one of the most catchy songs you’ll hear this whole month.” The next track in line, the appropriately stirring Wounded Warrior], will be available on April 2nd 2021, with more to follow in short order. A forthcoming EP, entitled Seminal, serves as a compilation of these singles.

Like unto Aorta Project’s work as a whole, Seminal is an emotional and cathartic affair. The project serves to lament the passing of aortaproject’s father in 2018, ten days after an unexpected cancer diagnosis. Says Steven: “I was wiped out, and the way I process a lot of things is music. I didn't intentionally set out to write songs for him, but in hindsight/reflecting I realized these songs were me at different stages of dealing with his passing. The songs are cinematic, dark, loaded with peaks and valleys and modeled after The Fragile-era NIN. The song "last of your name" gets the title from something he used to alway say. As I'm the only child and grandson I was the last of the Sheffield name. I'm not writing for the masses, I'm writing for myself and the person who is in a song on repeat while they are alone trying to process whatever is going on in their life.”

Aorta Project is: Steven Sheffield
Wounded Warrior features: Rachel Bennett (A Just Nova)

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