Blonde To Black Pictures and Thelonious Punk Records present the music video for ‘Lost Soul’ by Collette Cooper. Directed by renowned filmmaker and entrepreneur Sadie Frost and animated by the sought after artist and animator Eddie Apollo, the video immortalizes the vocalist, songwriter and multi-disciplinary artist Collette Cooper, in a vibrant and unique aesthetic that captures the spirit of the deep rooted, raw blues music that it was created to accompany.

Traversing the backstreets of a shadowy metropolis with confidence and style, Collette Cooper cuts an ethereal figure amongst a cast of shady characters, ultimately ascending in to a surreal utopia filled with a whole host of awe-inspiring surprises! The essence of the video provokes thoughts of the Japanese animation studio ‘Ghibli’ but is clearly marked by the graffiti-like, comic strip style that rising star Eddie Apollo is becoming increasingly known for. While its narrative perfectly compliments the sound and lyrics of the song ‘Lost Soul’, as was intended at its inception.

Its creator, Sadie Frost explains: “When I first heard Collette Cooper's new song ‘LOST SOUL’ it sent shivers down my spine and I knew straight away that I wanted to create an apocalyptic animated world in which she and the band could perform. Something that commented on the feelings of doom and gloom we’ve all felt during the pandemic. For me, Collette’s music has always had a magical quality about it and I wanted to convey the positive bluesy vibes of Lost Soul by taking her audience on a redemptive journey into a heavenly world full of love, compassion, hope and humour.”

Cooper herself has faced a number of extreme challenges throughout her life, but by projecting her emotions through creative songwriting, she has used these experiences to develop and grow as an artist, ultimately making her stronger. A palpable sense of these intense feelings can be detected in the track ‘Lost Soul’ and provides authenticity to the project as a whole. Speaking about the video, Collette Cooper says “The video really captures the spirit of the song. I love Eddie’s eye for detail, his work is incredible and I love Sadie’s vision and ideas, I really like the comedy injection too, which is very me. They make a great team.”

Overall the video for ‘Lost Soul’ is as entertaining as it is pleasing to the eye, made by a team with a clear understanding of each other’s artistic nuances. The result is a captivating piece of work – the proof is in the viewing!

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