As anyone who has visited Las Vegas may have observed, there’s a distinct lack of thumping beats on the casino floors. Sin City does of course boast plenty of vibrant nightspots where you can enjoy house music of every genre, with some of the most famous acts even becoming resident DJ’s and performers at some of the best venues. However, the only electronic music within the casinos themselves, is often the muzak which accompanies guests in elevators.

Nevertheless, while the land-based casinos generally have a certain decorum surrounding the music available, that doesn’t have to be the case at online casinos. Still, house music has yet to make a significant soundwave when it comes to the thousands of games on offer, although there are positive signals this could be about to change for the better.

Familiar Vibes
While there’s rarely any music to accompany online poker and blackjack games, aside from occasional opening melodies as games load at the top uk casinos sites where you can try out for yourself at

The musical experience is often entirely different when it comes to slots. Indeed, the most popular slots at any online casino these days are usually themed games, frequently based around hit movies or musical acts, with games accompanied by familiar soundtracks.

Playing movie-themed slots like Jurassic Park or Gladiator, you’ll be playing along to soundbites from characters and a familiar cinematic score. Iconic rock bands and acts have also lent their names to slot games in the last few years, such as Guns N’ Roses and even Ozzy Osbourne, the famed Prince of Darkness himself. In fact, music acts of pretty much every kind now have their own online slots, from Elton John to Dolly Parton, Michael Jackson to, erm, Enrico Mortis and the Boners.

Familiarity is often a great attraction for many slot games and if the music matches the overall theme, players are generally more inclined to go looking for them. That was undoubtedly the thinking behind the Transformers slot game, and you can find a full review here. Along with imagery from the popular 80’s and 90’s cartoons, this slot game features the famous “Transformers, robots in disguise” soundtrack as the reels keep spinning.

Let there be House
Given the huge growth in popularity of slot games at online casinos, the house music scene has not enjoyed the same amount of representation as other music genres. There are lots of movie themes, classical melodies, rock riffs, even plenty of chintzy electronic tunes to accompany games. However, house and its broad variety of sub-genres have rarely featured in the same volume, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Browsing around many of the most popular online casino sites, you’re not likely to find a multitude of iconic house tracks playing in slot games. Unfortunately, no game seems to have used “In Yer Face” by iconic 90’s Manchester quartet 808 State, or any of their other tunes that filled the dancefloors of nightclubs and illegal raves up north back in the day. While that’s a missed opportunity that some game developer might yet rectify, it also underlines the fact there is a growing demand for house music – whatever the sub-genre – to feature more prominently in casino gaming.

Nevertheless, that could be about to change. Canadian electronic music producer, DJ, and musician, Joel Thomas Zimmerman – aka Deadmau5 – now has his very own branded online slots game. The mouse-head wearing alter-ego have made him widely recognised, as have collaborations with Lady Gaga and featuring in popular video games like Rocket League and Dota2. Moving to slots is a natural progression, although it could open the door for other house music acts.

Not everyone understands house music
But there has actually been lots of scientific studies about how different kinds of music affect the brain, including recent in-depth studies focusing specifically on house music. Interestingly, scientific boffins discovered that ambient house, chillout, and downtempo beats can actually help you to focus better. Certainly, that’s handy to know when choosing which online casino games to play, especially if you’re focused on winning.

Detailed research on the subject has also found a strong relationship between brain rhythms and musical rhythms. Given there are so many different sub-genres of house music, they can all have a variety of effects on our brains, especially regarding the release of pleasure chemical dopamine, eliciting an emotional response to certain beats. This is especially the case with dubstep and trance tracks, with an emphasis on build ups and drops in the rhythm.
There’s no doubt that with a little deeper exploration of such studies, slot game developers would find house music increasingly more appealing, not only due to the popularity of the genre, but also because of the emotional reactions generated amongst listeners. Arguably, strong and positive emotional responses are key elements for any successful gaming experience, which means that over the next few years, we’ll probably get more of the beats we really want to accompany our favourite online casino games.