The pop trio - made up of Sami Bearden, Savana Santos and Sam Backoff - has released their funky new track with the aim of being more optimistic after their 'F2020' song summed up a difficult year and became a huge hit on TikTok.

Singer Savana said: "We kinda said all there was to be said about last year. Why more negative?

"Why not lean into something a lot more sexy, beautiful and awesome like women’s bodies, their vibe, their soul. Let’s start 2021 with something positive, something that feels good!”

The band want to provide something different after seeing "so much body shaming" in the world.

Sami added: "There’s so much body shaming, labelling, judging.

"Truth is your best friends are your girls... the people who’re there no matter what happens are your girls... when you wanna dig into whatever, something fun, something tragic, ultimately, it’s your girls."

Sam continued: “Plus, when Savana gets started, there’s no stopping her. She just hits a groove or a notion and keeps going. Plus, mouth trumpet!”

And the group are striving to make women "feel sexy" and "own their power", with the song itself asking "What's more beautiful than a woman?" before answering: "Nothing!"

Savana said: “Well, this song is just about how women are so very hot, and beautiful, and magical, and powerful.
"And we hope that this song makes them feel sexy and wanna dance and own their power like the bad bitches they are!”

'Woman' is available now via Big Machine Records.