Following a heavy song covering suicide and substance abuse, Nanfelt released a new song, “Woman” - which is a fun, upbeat track inspired by Ed Sheeran’s “Don’t.”

Listen to “Woman”​ ​here.

Singer-songwriter Kai Nanfelt released his newest single, ​Woman, ​on January 8, 2021. Nanfelt describes it as “the ultimate breakup song.” His fiery delivery evokes raw emotion about a time in his life that was especially...
challenging. The rap-sing style itself was inspired by Ed Sheeran’s ​Don’t. ​Nanfelt says that ​Woman ​and ​Sober a​ re “on polar opposite ends of the spectrum,” and hopes that the two tracks display his diversity as an artist.

Nanfelt released his first song, ​Sober,​ last month (listen ​here), which has over 40,000 Spotify streams already. With that in mind, all eyes are on his newest release in ​Woman ​(listen ​here). Among other publications, Buzz Music interviewed Nanfelt, noting his “mind-altering talent” (read ​here​). Nanfelt wrote the song for his childhood best friend in 2019, who was suicidal at the time.

Having struggled with anxiety and depression himself, Nanfelt’s writing often focuses on heavy subjects such as mental health.

“I realized there’s a large void in the world of music when it comes to the topic of mental health. No one wants to talk about it, which is exactly why most of my writing focuses on such sensitive subjects. I find this especially imperative as a guy, because most feel the need to act all ‘macho’ - but that ain’t me.”

Nanfelt hopes his songwriting will become a source of inspiration for others struggling with their own mental health. His goal through his music is to end the shame and stigma attached to this and general vulnerability, and does so with his heart on his sleeve.

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