EVENT HORIZON, just as the single that preceded it, exists within a creative universe of its very own, characterized by Anzac Park’s signature distorted visuals, clever use of melancholy and cynical self-awareness. The production on each of the 6 tracks is a daring blend of loud hyperpop and atmospheric acoustic layering – this innovative mixing of styles communicates the eclectic, audacious sound of a rising artist who is both very young and very confident in his creative identity. Impressively, all this was managed completely alone in a bedroom studio during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When asked about his latest release, Park had this to say: “With the EP, I tried to go for a sound that was melancholic and atmospheric while still maintaining the explosive choruses I love so much. Influenced by albums like Grimes’ Art Angels and Bladee’s Red Light, I made the EP completely alone during lockdown. To me, the aesthetic feels like the inside of a nightclub that’s slowly dissolving into the darkness of a dream. And the theme of EVENT HORIZON is basically evident in its title: the EP tells an urban coming-of-age story, chronologically, with all its ups and downs. The listener is an observer, who feels the with the narrative of the songs, but can’t affect the events of the EP as they unravel. As observers, we’re beyond the metaphorical event horizon of adolescence.”

Described by the songwriter as the musical exploration of a “teenage downward spiral”, the EP invites us on an intense – albeit short - journey through this dreamlike world of low lights, blurred colours, outbursts of yearning and exhilarating city nights, leaving us pensive and wishing for more. With a firm conceptual vision and nuanced, versatile vocals (with an emotional delivery to rival contemporary titans such as Florence Welch or Billie Eilish) it seems undeniable that this release has in it the makings of a future alternative superstar. From the glitchy, heavy electronic euphoria of its opening track to the melancholic writing and explosive hook of its closer, EVENT HORIZON is an unusually and refreshingly genre-defeating, perfectly structured ode to the folly of youth which bursts with potential and firmly cements Anzac Park as a young artist to watch.

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