New Christmas song release “XMAS IS A TIME FOR EVERYONE“ by USA recording artist Norris Williams by Andrew Williams of the amazing U.K. production duo “Velinski”.

When speaking with Andrew Williams he advised “We were looking for a stand out vocalist to cover our song earlier this year. I heard Norris’ song Worship You and was knocked out by his voice. Then I watched his video and thought WOW this guy can not only sing, he can perform as well. He has what it takes to meet the full potential of the song and message“.

When speaking with Norris Williams he advised “When he first approached me it was a little surprising. Out of the blue I received an email from someone in the UK asking me to cover his Xmas song. This is not the type of communication I am used to and normally I only want to perform my own material. However, the title itself grabbed me, Instantly I thought it was spot on about what I believe Xmas is all about. It’s not for any particular religion or ethnic group or creed, or for so called believers or non believers. It’s an all embracing feeling of goodwill, of togetherness, of thought for others. A message of coming together, of hope, of charity, of peace and of love. Yes, it truly is for everyone. I listened to the song and loved not just the melody but the wonderful lyrics- embracing all of society and reminding us not simply to celebrate but to think of others less fortunate than ourselves. And I couldn’t help but reflect how this important message has never been so relevant as in this year of the covid crisis where the entire globe has come to fully understand , as the song says, that we are all citizens of the world“.

“It wasn’t an easy decision to cover the song“ continues Norris. “I had lots of discussions with Andrew and also my producer Mark Brown. We tried a few different versions and the one that stood out and which I was most comfortable with is this R & B arrangement. I felt this song should have a broad appeal and didn’t want it to sound simply as a Christian or Gospel track as the message is too important to be directed at just one sector. I hope it can be enjoyed and appreciated by both religious and non religious audiences. It is a message to all communities during the Festive Season- a time of year which is indeed for everyone.“

Norris Williams, is an extremely accomplished recording artist based in Miami USA. He is well known for writing and performing Christian and Gospel songs and has achieved success in this popular genre of music over the last few years with tracks such as Prayer of the Backslider, My God Is and Worship You.

Wright Music Group has decided to help both parties with the promotion of the new hit single. Wright Music Group Executive David Owen Wright advised "This song is a must hear for everyone in the world in need of a new Christmas song. We have not had a new Christmas song in years, and I think this is a song that can bring cheer to everyone at this crucial time in the world for 2020”.

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