Singer song-writer Julian Rosso has launched his latest release Vol. 2 (Tidal Wave), continuing his Lost at Sea series after the launch of his song, Vol 1 (Drift), earlier this year.

Julian's latest release, Vol. 2 (Tidal Wave), continues the dangerous journey of someone lost at sea. Each volume is told through a song and accompanying short story, to add depth to the experience.

"I wanted to do more than just a song. I have a narrative in my head that I wanted to get out into the world through two mediums that compliment each other. That's why each song has its own short story attached to it, so you can go back, listen to the lyrics and understand what is going on," Julian said.

Vol. 2 follows the successful release of Vol. 1 (Drift) that was released on World Oceans Day, 2020. Julian Rosso has partnered with Sharklife, a South African ocean marine conservation charity that aims to educate people about the importance of our diverse ecosystem.

"Growing up in a coastal town in South Africa, the sea has played a huge role in my life. Partnering with Sharklife is a fantastic opportunity for me to help give back to the ocean, and the wonderful people at Sharklife, through my music."

All royalties and donations for the song are donated directly to Sharklife. You can listen to the song and download the free short story now, on You can also listen to him on all streaming platforms.