Kima’s next release 'If Nobody Told You' comes out today 14th September 2020.

"I wrote my new single, ‘If Nobody Told You’, as an inspirational piece to lift spirits following long periods of isolation during lockdown. While shielding in my house and with so much craziness is happening in the world, (coronavirus, the Black Lives Matter protests), it’s so easy to feel powerless. Writing the song reminded me of how I believe God sees me. It was a reminder to me and everyone that we’re still loved, we’re still powerful, we’re still heard. We can make a lot of impact from our own homes.”

Kima Otung is a genre-bending contemporary RnB and neo soul artist. Her debut single, ‘Morning’ was featured on ITV's Love Island BBC Radio 1 where she has performed live sessions. She was also recently named as one of Madison Square Garden London's up and coming artists.

Kima writes her music for women, to help them realise their greatness. There is a lot of talk about women empowerment but we often neglect the fact that the greatest threat or asset to women’s empowerment is the long-term partner they choose. So much in pop culture is telling women to lower their standards and to settle. Kima's mission, through her music, is to shift culture, and to make women feel so good about themselves that they expect more from the people around them.

Kima’s influences include Khalid, Bazzi, Lizzo and James Brown. The sounds of gospel music and Motown defined her childhood and continue to influence her sound today. When Kima was 14 years old she was accepted as the youngest member of the Welsh National Youth Opera, which proved to be a pivotal time for. She formed a deep connection with classical music and incorporates classical elements into her music.

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