Holy ‘57 returns with new single ‘Hyper-Real’ ahead of his forthcoming EP ‘Y’. The London-based songwriter and producer has released a series of EP’s since 2015 entitled H, O and L, and Y will be the final instalment. The collection has grappled with themes of family and cultural heritage and while ‘L’ tackled living memory, ‘Y’ is due to explore ‘posthumous memory’ and making sense of reality.

Otherwise known as Alex Mankoo, Holy ‘57 broke a 2 year hiatus in June this year with his first single from the new EP, ‘Cambridge, MA’. With his latest release, ‘Hyper-Real’, he draws from the personal experience of losing his grandmother to dementia and explores the process of coming to terms with her death. Layered electronic sounds and a driving rhythm create a dreamlike soundscape, while Holy ‘57’s confident vocal delivery guides us through the process of deciphering truth and fiction in memory.

“I wrote most of ‘Y’ in the wake of my grandmother’s death, so the idea of posthumous memory played a big part in shaping the songs. I find it really interesting how memory operates as a sort of reconstructed version of the past through the lens of our minds in the present. Posthumous memory can sometimes iron out complexities that existed when a person was alive, and it becomes almost like a simulation of the person.”

The accompanying music video presents an abstract visual representation of these themes, as if looking through the mind’s eye. Holy ‘57 has also launched an intriguing podcast series, Spectres, which explores different perspectives of ghostliness in each episode and gives insight into how these themes have manifested across his collection of EP’s.