Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter, Joelle Charan is making her first mark on the UK music scene. Her new single ‘I Believe In You’ feels like an inspiring first impression, both sonically and lyrically.

Charan studied music at the Conservatory of Amsterdam before moving to New York to accept a scholarship at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. Her debut EP ‘Silhouette’, released in 2018, attracted attention throughout the Netherlands and now her sights are set on connecting with a UK audience.

Raised in Amsterdam to a Catholic mother and a Hindu father, Charan celebrates her heritage and identity with her latest single. She responds to personal experiences of prejudice and to the injustices of her family’s past with defiance, injecting ‘I Believe In You’ with classical Indian instruments to draw attention to her heritage which she is proud of. Charan’s lyrics tell the story of a man struggling to overcome the mistakes of his past which says was inspired by a trip to a remote corner of north-western Scotland last year,

“One night I saw a lonely man standing at the edge of the sea, staring over the waves towards a lighthouse reflected in the bay. When the light came his way, he just reached for it. He seemed to be looking for something, trying to grasp its light in his fingers. I wondered who he was and what had happened to him to make him do what he did. I wanted to write a song that encourages people, and lets them know they are never alone.”

‘I Believe In You’ carves a new genre, seamlessly fusing together dreamy pop sounds with ancient instruments which pay tribute to Charan’s Indian roots.