East Coast Producer/ singer-songwriter and winner of the 2018 John Lennon Songwriting Contest - Gregg Sgar - is getting ready to release new single “Signs” following the success of his timely titled first single “Don’t Go Outside,” dropped in the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic. This new single “Signs” follows up with another meaningful message as Gregg takes on the standpoint of someone suffering with depression. Throughout the song Gregg breathes inspiring words of hope onto the track, like “Even when you’re crying, look for just one sign.” It’s a song filled with poignant lyrics as Sgar’s goal is to make a lasting connection with fans through the emotional connections they have with his music. In his own words Sgar says, “I just want my fans to feel something….happy, sad, pissed off, mad, as long as they’re feeling!”

Gregg’s newly inked deal with daMp iNteractive, will help push his music forward in 2020 to places he hasn’t been in the past. Starting with the release of his first single the timely released ”Don’t Go Outside” and following up the emotionally powerful “Signs,” 2020 is going to be a big year for Gregg Sgar as he takes the next steps to cement himself as a solo musician with a unique sound. A sound that combines elements of Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop and Lo-Fi, Gregg masterfully weaves together sounds, inspired by artists like Chris Cornell, Lady Gaga, 21 Pilots and David Bowie, with flecks of Prince and songwriter Max Martin. This combination for Gregg has created a unique, explosive Pop sound unlike most artists out today!

Born and raised in New Jersey, Gregg’s childhood was a combination of beach and city, as he spent a lot of time on the infamous Jersey Shore while also exploring New York City. Gregg’s first steps into the world of music came at 8 years old as his uncle taught him to play the drums. By 12, he and his friends learned how to record music, and once Gregg reached his high school years, he began to record other artists’ in his home—a job he still carries to this day.

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