Recently Shodement, the London based entertainment platform launched an AI-powered app to transform the careers of independent artists with Star Quality. Just over a month following the launch, Shodement is behind the success of Manchester-based artist Kiara Marzella, who completed her digital show using the app, gaining over 1 million hits on TikTok, without any promotional cost.

Falling in love with music at a young age and proudly representing her Scottish and Italian roots, Kiara moved to London to pursue her dream at the age 18. Forming girl group Limited Edition, which she managed and featured in, Kiara began to establish herself in the music industry. Fast forward a few years and the now solo musician based in Manchester is building her brand as a recording artist with plans to take her talent worldwide. Her single ‘In My Mentions” is out now on all streaming platforms and Kiara has full ownership of her music.

Kiara, who understood her brand and the fans connected, has now been officially signed by Shodement to their exclusive talent list. “We work with talent that others don’t have access to. This puts us in a very unique place to be in touch with the future gems very early in their career. If you are an independent artist, I encourage you to download the Shodement app to get ahead in the industry”, commented Jay Lamusica, Managing Director of Shodement.

The free app is a game changer for the music industry, giving artists worldwide access to resources of a major label company available on demand. Examining the music and brand, the tool creates a digital strategy based on the musicians’ following. The artist then works closely with the built-in A&Rs and grows their audience and revenue each month, using platforms such as Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, Shopify and more.

“The music indie economy is booming. Every few months, there is a new tool to make self-made artists’ lives easier. Want to text your fans? Done. Do you want to manage your social media? There are more apps for that than there are social networks. Whilst all of these services support the rise of individual creators, each service will reach a point where it has to make a tough decision – will it serve the upstart indie users who love the platform, or the corporate partners who cut the big checks? Most will try to do both, but it’s more difficult that it sounds.”, adds Jay Lamusica.

Despite the many tools available on the market, there are still unmet benefits that record labels and other institutions offer to artists. For instance, global distribution remains an uphill battle for indie artists. If a UK based indie rapper wants their album to do well in Japan, they will struggle more than an artist signed with a major label. This is why Russ had a distribution deal with Columbia Records until recently and why self-made mogul Tyler Perry still needs a film distribution deal with Lionsgate.

Shodement solves the issue on multiple levels. Indie artists themselves are now working with the built-in A&Rs to build their brand and increase their revenue streams worldwide. The app is currently on beta, but it will eventually serve as a major label in the artist’s pocket.

You can download the free app on Apple Store here.