The 23-year-old star - who also co-writes and produces his sister Billie Eilish's music - dropped the track on Thursday (03.09.20) after the deluxe edition of his debut EP 'Blood Harmony' came out last month.

The musician - who goes by the stage name FINNEAS - has opened up on the inspiration behind the song, which came after attending a protest ralley and reading about late actor Nick Cordero, who died aged 41 in July after battling the coronavirus.

He said in a statement: "Some will overcome and wake up again. [O]thers, tragically may not.

"This song is dedicated to all who have had to endure this year. I hope this song can offer some sort of comfort to those who may need it."

Finneas' sister Billie, 18, has become a global superstar after releasing her debut album 'When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?' last year.

However, she recently insisted their working relationship hasn't changed since their early days creating music together.

She explained: "There's a lot of disagreeing and agreeing - everything you can possibly disagree about and everything you can possibly agree about with him. But it makes everything closer to home. Does that make sense?
"Like when we're on tour, I go with my brother and my mum comes and my dad comes. We're leaving our home but we're all still home a little bit.

"But writing with him, it was so natural at first. It really wasn't disingenuous, it was just like, 'We live two feet away from each other, why don't we do this together?'

"We still make stuff in the same room, we don't need a big studio or whatever. We use my brother's tiny little room in our tiny little house and it still works for us."