“Andy is determined to make a fresh start with his soulful sounds, and if his latest offering is anything to go by, our guess is that he’ll succeed.” - Notion

Andy Jordan hit the headlines during his time on Made In Chelsea. Now, he has switched south-west London for the south-west coastline, enjoying a life of surf, sand and simplicity, alongside running his surfing brand and forging ahead with a successful music career.

His latest EP ‘Postcards from the Future’ is available now. The third single to be released from the EP ‘Al’ is written for his fiancé. The track is a soul-infused love letter straight from the heart. The couple recently got engaged following an intimate sunset proposal in Devon.

Andy said,“The concept of the EP is about finding the person you love, lighting a fire and becoming whole. In life you don't need anything else! These days we live in a society where we consume too much and forget about the simple things that make us happy.”

The four track EP details Andy’s journey to happiness. ‘Al’ follows the contemplative and introspective ‘It’s Complicated’, title track ‘Postcards From The Future’, a tale of someone stuck in the darkness believing his ‘dream that will never come true’ and final track ‘The Farm’ which looks ahead to a positive future.

Andy has talked openly about the mental health issues which plagued him following his stint on reality TV. His music and lifestyle today is a far cry from the persona portrayed on TV. ‘Postcards from the Future’ documents Andy’s personal progression from the dark days of the past to his happy, fulfilled present. Finally with this body of work, Andy hopes he can drop the 'ex-Made in Chelsea' scrutiny and be judged as an artist in his own right.

Andy said, ‘The EP tells a tale of someone who is hopeless, dreaming of a better future, a feeling that I think resonates universally right now.

‘I hope everyone can take the message away from this EP that things will get better. Some of our hopes and dreams may be on hold for the time being but it won’t be forever; let’s focus on the long term. No dream, however big or small, is only a figment of our imagination’.

Andy debuted his music career in 2013, going on to sell well over 10,000 copies of his ‘Geography EP’ independently. After some time off to successfully launch city surf clothing brand Jam, he has since reemerged with a unique and fresh Jazz/Soul sound that oozes artistry and creative independence.

Postcards from the Future is a successful blend of old school Soul/Jazz cut with a modern Blues sound reminiscent of John Mayer and Tom Misch. It is a welcome dose of positivity and optimism in these globally uncertain times.

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