The 'Say So hitmaker revealed her LP will be due out soon, but refused to say exactly when, as she opened up about the genres it will cover.

She said: "I'm always kind of winging it. I have my album coming - can't say when. I really want to make it a surprise. I don't want to say too much. Each song has its own personality. It's not gonna be perfectly consistent - I've never been, anyway. But we have some dancehall stuff on there, some Afrobeat stuff, some funk, house. I'm trying to cover all bases."

Doja won PUSH Best New Artist at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this week and she admits she thought it was a "prank" when she found out.

She told MTV News: "I thought it was a sick prank! No, I was really, really excited to find that out and I didn't know how to try to hold myself back from tears. I usually say that I don't care about this kind of thing, but I actually do. I now know that I do care about getting this award, a lot. It means that there are people out there who enjoy my music and they care about me, like they care about the craft. They care about what I'm doing. That's amazing for me because I just enjoy doing it, period. If people didn't like it, I'd probably still be doing it, but it's really cool that people support it."

During the MTV VMAs 2020, Doja Cat also made her debut on stage at the award show, singing a mash up of her hits 'Say So and 'Like That'.