Since her debut release in 2017, a metal EP entitled Awaken, Jessica Faroe has pursued a new musical direction. Having been introduced to the wonderful world of the synth sound, she developed a passion for the genre and started to write. The result is a brand new body of work preceded by synth-pop gem and debut single ‘Beautiful’.

Having lived in the US, Iceland, China, and now the UK, Faroe has first-hand experience of a variety of different cultures which influence her song writing. Her interest in music began aged 7 and through her teenage years she developed an eclectic taste in music which has defined her musical style. Jessica went on to study song writing at NYU and Berklee College of Music.

She wrote her new single ‘Beautiful’ in early 2020 and recorded it at home during lockdown. It’s a story reflecting her personal experience - her struggle with internalised sexism and racism - with the hope of inspiring others to join her in a journey to self-acceptance. The lyrics strive to empower the listener to free themselves of their own prejudices and acknowledge that they too are beautiful.

“What frightens me is the thought that there are so many others in this world who probably have the exact same thoughts about themselves… So I decided to write a song not just for myself, but for all who are suffering out there silently.”

Beautiful is out on 28th August from all digital music stores.