Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

Conrad Ashton – ‘Like No One Else Do’

After spending the last few years building up his reputation for bold and captivating indie-rock sing-alongs, Northern singer-songwriter Conrad Ashton now showcases his latest EP ‘No Post On Sundays’ with energetic new offering ‘Like No One Else Do’. With its raw and stripped back aesthetic, the frontman keeps our ties tapping throughout this fun and upbeat new jam.

Emily Drinker – ‘Enough Is Enough’

With her highly anticipated new album set to land later this year, award-winning singer and songwriter Emily Drinker now looks to get us ready for her forthcoming full-length with this vibrant new release ‘Enough Is Enough’. Detailing the breakdown of a once loving relationship, her newest gem blends classic soul and alt-rock to create a truly mesmerising new stunner.

Doov – ‘Fallback’

Following on from the release of his self-released debut album ‘Separation’ last year, which garnered more than 300k plays online, New Jersey native Doov now returns with his latest groove-filled offering ‘Fallback’. Creating an almost hypnotic aesthetic throughout, his new delight uses lo-fi guitar hooks and transposed vocals to create a truly unique return.

Jade Not Jane – ‘DNA’

Fresh off the back of her recently hyped releases ‘Nothing Like This Feeling’ and ‘Burn’, Brisbane-based singer and songwriter Jade Not Jane returns with her latest soulful gem ‘DNA’. With its bold and sweeping flavour, blended with some euphoric and forceful instrumentation, she delivers a bright and soaring release, filled with passion and intimate storytelling.

Alo Wiza – ‘Diamonds’

With a wide range of influences that include Whitney Houston, Sia, and Ellie Goulding, Belgian singer and songwriter Alo Wiza now returns to unveil her latest slice of ear candy ‘Diamonds’. With its rich and uplifting direction, the artist looks to take her sound to the next level, filling it with pounding beats and a catchy hook to boot.