Pefoma is a unique new social app for both music artists and fans which is landing in October 2020. Passionate about supporting and promoting musical talent, Pefoma is a fresh new platform dedicated to helping artists thrive. Pefoma fuses an artist’s entire catalogue of audio-visual content with a new way to engage fans and followers, whilst also monetising performances. All in one single app.

In the initial growth phase Pefoma is looking for talented artists that will potentially have the opportunity to be featured in their brand and marketing content for 2021, which will include online and TV commercials, nationwide billboard campaign, playlisting and extensive in-app profiling.

Signing up is quick and easy and can be found on

There are so many reasons an artist will want to be on Pefoma, here are just few of them;

The one place where fans can enjoy all of your audio-visual content.
Generate revenue from our live stream service. Host exclusive live performances to paying fans.
Get gifts from fans in Pefoma coins, that can be transferred to actual currency.
Generate revenue from fans subscribing to your profile exclusive content.
Earn better royalties from your music streams.

The opportunities on Pefoma are endless. See you there.

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