With loud and powerful vocals that scream frustration, anger and disappointment, Broken Social Contract has had enough of President Donald Trump. "Trump's still in washington. I thought he'd be out of here by now," sings vocalist Justin Donnelly.

It has indeed been four years that has brought lots of disagreements and instability among US citizens and the world. Despite being impeached, and leading the USA to more deaths from Covid-19 than any other country, Donald Trump is still our president. Some still support Trump and value the way he goes about his leadership, while others cannot believe he is still in power.

Melodically, "Trump's Still In Washington" has a memorable and infectious sound that you will hum for hours. Vocally, the delivery and emotion from Justin Donnelly show just how strongly he feels Donald Trump has changed the world as we know it.

And whether or not you're a Trump fan, you can still appreciate the quality of music that Broken Social Contract has brought here.