Australian music artist & performer Mikey Votano releases his first UK single ‘Shut Up & Dance’ - a uniquely clever cover of Walk The Moon’s hit, in a vintage style of 1950s rock 'n' roll, rockabilly & blues and we are exclusively premiering the (very timely) and heart-warming video right here.

Mikey also writes his own original music but really wanted to make his own version of a classic pop song: ‘Shut Up and Dance’ was recorded in December 2019 and wasn’t intended as the first release. Mikey says “As the world began to change I wanted to do a little something that could bring together my community, who like many have lost jobs, are struggling with the lack of human connection, are suffering from increased mental health concerns and, most devastatingly, who have lost loved ones. A small reminder of times that were & those that will be again once the time is right.”

The video for ‘Shut Up & Dance’ shows workers stranded on COVID-19 free cruise ships, who were turned away from many countries, dancing along to the track. These include 63 people from 13 countries & 6 continents and consist of dancers, acrobats, musicians and even a doctor & his family who is working directly with CV-19 patients in N. Ireland. Mikey says “dancing is an expression of complete & utter joy and if I can create a small moment that brings even the tiniest bit of happiness my job is done”.

Mikey Votano does it all, sings, plays a mean sax & piano, creates authentic arrangements & works the hell out of a room. He lives life the Chuck Berry way, albeit playing saxophone rather than guitar and cutting his teeth in various jazz bands. It was in the clubs, sandwiched on a tiny stage between 20 musicians giving their all for a packed house singing & dancing without care that his love for music & it’s ability to bring joy to all changed everything.

He pays tributes the style of music he loves: swing, soul & rock n’ roll vintage sounds & grooves from the 50s & 60s. He believes in being truly authentic too: last year with his band The Originals, he released their initial run of five singles recorded live, in a single room, using only pre1955 gear & cut straight to tape in a method recording rarely used since the 50s! A hit with the swing/rock ’n’ roll dancing scene, videos began circling of their remakes with accompanying dance lessons & gigs from Australia, Argentina, UK, Italy, Canada & the USA. Now he’s bringing it mainstream!

Mikey Votano believes when it comes to music though, the decision is simple - if it feels good, play it & enjoy the hell out of it !