DAYANA reveals new single 'The Real Me'.

DAYANA is Scottish /Colombian vocal powerhouse writing and performing with her talented band members. Proudly growing up in one of the most destitute areas of Edinburgh, DAYANA's voice gave her wings that from her humble home brought her to London.

They have released their first two singles and EP. DAYANA have played in various venues in London including: Fiddlers elbows a couple times, Hootannany brixton, Camden assembly, Notting Hill arts club and they played at a famous rock bar at the bannermans in Edinburgh and sold out for a great show, they have also recently performed at 3 sofar sounds and will be the main support for the band Wishbone Ash in October 2020, with this they continue to grow their fan base.

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Kerrang Fresh blood: "Dayana has such power in her voice, but it's not just big belting notes there's a richness and dynamic control that adds a sense of drama and purpose to the music and just elevates it to a totally different level. It's actually sensational I've been completely captivated by her voice."

Jake Wandsworth radio: "That was awesome! Wow! Sorry just have to adjust the mics and my brain at the same time that was fantastic! Well done guys."