The Haim sisters were clueless about how to apply make-up because their mother never wore any.

The sibling band, comprised of Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim, are known for their relaxed style and natural, low maintenance hair and make-up, and in an interview with Variety, Alana, 28, shared that's she only just getting to grips with cosmetics as she grew up in a family that didn't place much importance on beauty.

"Actually, I will say, if I get anything out of this quarantine, I like maybe kind of know how to put make-up on now," she told Variety magazine. "Like, maybe... I'm not good at make-up. We were never a make-up family. It's not like my mom ever was like, 'Okay, this is how...' My mom doesn't even wear make-up now."

Este, 34, chipped in and explained that make-up isn't the only area of beauty that they had to learn for themselves, adding: "Also, mom never was like, 'This is how you shave your legs.' That was a huge guessing game for each of us."

Alana confessed that the band started out before they were able to watch make-up tutorials on YouTube so their early fans are used to seeing them fresh-faced.

"I don't think it's a surprise, but beauty was not at the forefront for us," she laughed. "There are some photos of me from early Haim that I'm like, 'What? What is going on?' Early Haim was before like the YouTube make-up craze. But now I think we're like semi-okay at it - which is kind of pushing it. But our fans are used to seeing us look like s**t."