The much-anticipated 9th studio album 'Unfollow The Rules' by Rufus Wainwright has moved to July 10 by BMG.

The warehouse housing the CD’s and vinyl for the album are shut down due to COVID-19. Part of a statement Wainwright posted on his socials reads, “You know that I am an old school guy and for me the physical product is extremely important. I am incredibly proud of this album and the way I want you to experience it ideally is listening to it from front to back in the comfort of your living room, reading the lyrics, and looking at the booklet that I carefully designed.”

Fans disappointed in the postponement, can take some solace in Wainwright’s daily IGTV Robe Recitals that can be viewed on his Instagram channel. The daily recordings consist of Wainwright favorites, plus some rarities and songs from Unfollow The Rules. Other plans are in the works for Wainwright to showcase his music to the public in a time when touring is not an option.