Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

Laolu - Indulge:

South East London’s very own Laolu creates music that is tastefully tackling a forbidden relationship, which is intrinsically human at its core. Mixing in smooth vocals and fresh drum patterns, ‘Indulge’ is lustrous. After using music as a healing process during her three year hiatus and going back to her Nigerian roots, Laolu has created music that has blossomed and is full of desire with refreshing honesty. She’s supported the likes of Chip, Ghetts and Miss Dynamite so she’s rising further into the ranks of R&B.

CHXRLOTTE - Don’t Save Me:

Brighton born Chxrlotte releases her shadowy new single “Don’t Save Me”, which shows off the dramatic melodies and lyricism that the twenty-two year old loves to incorporate. After gaining the attention of the public by writing a track to the comedy series Good Omens, by the name of ‘Come With Me’ and gaining over 300,00 streams on Spotify. In “Don’t Save Me” the talented artist is able to create a feeling of being so depressed that you’re a shadow of yourself and the darkness threatens to swallow her whole. Inspirations from Billie Eilish and more allow for a dark, mysterious mood and more.

Teddy Jackson - Pretty Runaways:

After creating his first self-produced track “Pretty Runaways”, The newcomer to the London scene creates a track all about love and California life. The fascination of California started after a three-day road trip across the state that ended up creating something beautiful. The smooth psychedelic guitar licks fit in perfectly with the laid back hip hop beats as a reminder of a holiday fling is visualised. Combining the styles of Frank Ocean, Col3trane and Zack Villere it’s clear to see that Teddy Jackson has a great start to a dreamy career in the making.

MACKandGold - Take Solace E.P:

MACKandgold has a unique talent for crafting visual, emotionally-driven landscapes with her soulful guitar melodies and sultry voice. After the ‘Take Me In’ E.P was released in February, MACKandgold felt it was time to create bass-driven tracks that provide funky grooves to dance to, but with themes that were not expected. She’s always wanted to explore different sounds with different sounds, but as her work is released into the world she wanted to keep her sound hers. Throughout the E.P there are themes of darkness and overcoming in every track whilst keeping the feel consistent.