Kennedy One is an electronic music composer and songwriter, who has also written and produced for many other artists. As a ghostwriter, his music has been played all over the world on radio, film and television.

Starting from a young age, Neil Kennedy experimented with a makeshift studio including two-track reel-to-reel machines, gradually piecing together “some pretty noisy” recordings. It wasn’t long before he began his professional career by writing and recording songs as a ghostwriter for music licensing libraries and several other artists.

Now the time has come to focus his considerable producing talents on himself as ‘Kennedy One’.
The debut Kennedy One album ‘Metropolis' will be released around May 7th 2020, offering a journey of introspection the album tackles the challenges of leaving the past behind in search of something new, a path that is often taken alone.

“I came up with the idea in Tokyo. Despite all of the people and sensory overload that is synonymous with the metropolis, the city itself can be quite lonely and isolating.”

The hypnotic dark tones of Kennedy One’s music constantly lifts and builds with orchestral moments, progressing from emotive downtempo electronica to deep-house and dark techno.

Kennedy One’s upcoming single ‘Machina’ evokes the power and conflict that results from bringing together human and machine to satisfy our limitless quest to be faster, stronger, better. Out March 20, 2020.

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