Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

Roberto Kuster – ‘Shoulder To Cry On’

Having been a consummate musician since the age of eight in his hometown of Guarapuava, Brazil, singer and songwriter Roberto Kuster now looks to showcase his latest soaring ballad ‘Shoulder To Cry On’. Mixing humble piano keys with a slowly rising production, Kuster’s stunning voice becomes the standout element of his latest creation as he swoons and melts our hearts in equal measure.

Harts – ‘Twenty Somethin’

Having found his influences amongst a heady daze of funk, jazz and hazy psychedelica, Indian-born but Australian-based multi-instrumentalist Darren Hart now looks to knock us off our feet with the bold and bombastic ‘Twenty Somethin’’. With its rolling guitar hooks and passionate vocals, his latest offering delivers a bold and frantic addition to his catalogue, following in the footsteps of Lenny Kravitz as he goes.

Llynks – ‘Slow Burn’

Having spent the last few years exploring her own musical possibilities, Nomadic artist Sara Kendall aka Llynks now previews the release of her forthcoming debut album with the pulsing ‘Slow Burn’. Mixing ethereal atmosphere with a bold and pulsing bassline, she takes her cues from the likes of Grimes and FKA twigs on this incredibly bold and impactful new release.

Split The Dealer – ‘XV’

Having been part of a committed relationship for the last nine years, Sam Brett aka Split The Dealer and vocalist Deva St John now look to transfer their personal attraction to record as they share their latest single ‘XV’. Inspired by a turbulent time in their partnership, this new cut uses little more than a wistful guitar and light production before exploding in a frenzy of drums to deliver a fresh and euphoric offering.

JIG LeFrost – ‘Outside’

With his highly anticipated new EP ‘Welcome To The Crisis’ set to arrive in the near future, California-based artist JIG LeFrost continue the support for his upcoming release with his bouncing new offering ‘Outside’. Bringing together trap-inspired beats and a high-energy flow, this new jam unveils a warped and jagged landscape of wild hip-hop influences.