“Redemption and hope through song sums it up when I think of Matt Butler,” says Kevin Lyman, the founder of the legendary Vans Warped Tour, who hosted Butler as one of the few solo acoustic acts on the Tour’s final cross country run in 2018.

When it comes to "Tell Lucy That I Love Her," Matt's new folk-rock single, this theme still hits home. When Matt isn't playing on the beloved Vans Warped Tour, he's playing shows in prisons around the country. It's here at these humbling experiences that Matt gets to connect with the imperfect; those who have made mistakes, hopefully ones that they now regret.

"I think almost everyone can identify with the character in ‘Lucy’ whether they’ve been incarcerated or not, which is part of what makes the tune so powerful," says Butler. "It takes a subject that the average person has no direct experience with and puts it into very relatable context - we all know what it feels like to let somebody down, to feel like we’re no good. I think the question is whether you consider the self sacrificing aspect of the character redeeming or not, and that tends to be where people pick sides."

The song, while deep in meaning, has a fun, easy-to-sing-along-with flow to it. A song whose chorus you could whistle repeatedly down the street or sing proudly with a group of friends at a local pub. Matt's overall knack for story-telling and melodies will soon be taking him from the humbling prisons to the elevated sold out venues around the globe.