Andante grew up in Los Angeles (Silverlake) in the 80's and fell in love with the sounds and culture as a kid. He began making music in his late twenties professionally after he finished his degree in Audio Engineering and Music theory from SAE Los Angeles. Zamprioli created the artist name “Andante” (which is his middle name and a music tempo in Italian). After years of producing for other people, Andante decided to take his career into his own hands and become a solo act. His future is bright, and his work is done professionally, ‘to a T’.

Andante says “I love the sound from the 80's, so I made it a point to get those analog keyboards and instruments to shape my sound.” And furthermore, “I found synthwave shortly after my first release which was entitled Pieces.”
This set him on his current course, and he states that “I have not looked back.”
This song really hit home for Zamprioli, and he proclaims that Pieces was a very personal song he wrote about his father leaving when he was 3. “It received great feedback as people could really relate.” Andantes music is pulled from his experiences in his life, producing an extremely authentic feel. “Most of my music is about love, life and obstacles.” He mentions that he puts a special twist, which always has an 80's vibe and groove. (be sure to listen closely!)

Andante plays all of the instruments and does all of his own production, including: vocals, mixing, mastering. “I do not outsource anything.” This latest song is a fun dance floor tune called "Catch A Vibe". “It is about a guy trying to woo a girl on the dance floor and make a move.” Andante puts out a single every 3 months or so, which is keeps his fans reeled in for more. Andantes aspirations are noble, “My goal is to keep making music and building a fan base so I can later get out and tour…. Italy and Spain have a great synthwave audience and I would like to tour out there.” It is evident that there will be major success coming for Andante soon.

Be sure to stay tuned and look out for more releases from Andante on Spotify and all major platforms! A new single “Catch A Vibe” will be released January 17th, 2020!

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