The 22-year-old star is a huge fan of the Imagine Dragons frontman and is still in shock that Dan agreed to work on the track 'Original Me' for the EP 'The Underrated Youth'.

He told Billboard: "I watched him at Leeds Festival like six years ago and was like 'Holy s**t, man!' It was when 'Radioactive' had just come out. I was obsessed with this band, and now I'm doing a record with the lead singer… like, what?"

Although Dan - who welcomed his fourth child with wife Aja Volkman this month - was raised a Mormon, he has become a passionate activist for LGBTQ rights and reached out to Yungblud to praise the star's advocacy for the community.

Yungblud explained: "He said, 'The world ain't ready for you yet, and I wanna do a record with you and help you as much as I can'. And I'm just like, 'This is Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons, I've just s**t my pants.'

"I want this EP to be a trust exercise. You know, when you fall back and someone catches you. I want people to have that sense of belonging, like someone's going to have their back."

Yungblud also recently contributed to the '13 Reasons Why' soundtrack with the single 'Die A Little' and said it was important to him because he has struggled with his mental health.

He said: "I admire the show because, as someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, it highlights it to a part of society that would never normally see it. Yes, it's triggering. Yes, it's uncomfortable to watch… But you know what's more uncomfortable? Someone looking you in the face and going, 'What you're going through is unjustified. It's just a phase. You'll get through it.' Because they're not educated on it. What it does is what all good art should do - it shines a light and provides education on a subject in society in order to make people understand."