While the days of new classic rock and folk music have seemed to passed in the mainstream, rising American musician Godfrey Flax isn't goin to let the genres fade away without a fight! The mid-twenty year old singer has been pushing through and working on his much anticipated debut EP alongside the likes of musical geniuses like Gary Catona (Whitney Houston, Andrea Bocelli) to ensure people listen in both in his country and around the globe.

We spoke to Godfrey exclusively about his upcoming releases, what sets his music a part, and how working with Gary has helped to light a fire in his soul to bring his musical blends to a public listening audience...

Your music has a blend of folk and classic rock... Who are you musical idols in those genres?

I grew up listening to a lot of classics like Dylan, Cat Stevens, Billy Joel, and the Beatles. I would say that my biggest influence and favorite musician would have to be David Bowie.

Gary Catona, who is credited as the voice builder/coach to people such as His clients have included Whitney Houston, Andrea Bocelli and Muhammad Ali, and is very selective on who he works with is one of your mentors... what has your relationship been with him? What has been your biggest lesson from him?

Gary's great! To be honest, I've only been working with him for a month or two but he's done so much to help me with building my voice. My voice has always naturally been very unique and booming and that helps me a lot when I'm working in the theatre. Gary has kind of thrown my voice far beyond anywhere I thought it could ever get to. I think the biggest lesson that he's taught me is to have more patience. This is a process and at the end it's really going to pay off so it's good to work through it all slowly and make sure everything is going smoothly.

When can we expect your debut single / EP?

Well, the original plan was to shoot for October of this year but it looks like it's going to be pushed back. I'm giving myself more time to build up my voice and add a few more tracks to the album. I want to make sure this is as good as it can be. It reminds me of something the late Shigeru Miyamoto said, "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." I know he's speaking specifically about video games but I think that can be applied to almost everything.

Do you write your own music? Where do you draw inspiration from?

I do, I draw inspiration from my life and experiences with heavy influence from the concepts of loss and depression. You know, like most musicians although I believe that I can bring an interesting viewpoint to those topics given my young age.

What is your ultimate goal for the future?

Emperor of Iceland would be cool, but I'll settle for Greenland. I understand that President Trump is trying to buy Greenland but I can be very persuasive. In fact I wrote the Jewish translation of his book, The Art of the Spiel. So, I know how he thinks. In all seriousness though, I just want to entertain, that's really my ultimate goal.