50 Cent described Justin Bieber as having "Michael Jackson issues" when it comes to dealing with fame.

In May (16), the In Da Club rapper invited the pop star to join him onstage while he was hosting a night club event in Monaco, and 50, real name Curtis Jackson, discussed the 22 year old's surprise appearance while on U.S. chat show The Talk on Tuesday (02Aug16).

Photos of the event were shown during the interview, as well as a video which featured Bieber nodding his head along to the music, throwing his hands up and spraying a bottle of champagne into the audience.

At one point, the Sorry singer hypes up the crowd for 50, exclaiming, "We've got an icon in the building! Can we get some noise?"

When co-host Sharon Osbourne asked, "How is that little boy?", to which the hip-hop star replied, "He's going through those phases, he's growing up."

The rock matriarch agreed and said, "It's hard for him to do it in public," and 50 added, "It's like Michael Jackson issues. He's been a star for a long time."

"Everybody gets a little tougher when I’m around," 50 said. "You see him putting champagne on people, it's like, 'Get outta here!'"

Bieber, like late Michael Jackson, found fame at a young age and quickly skyrocketed as one of the biggest stars in the world. However in recent years, he's been faced with multiple run-ins with the law, including charges of reckless driving, vandalism and driving under the influence of alcohol.