Kelly Osbourne has joked she's paying for father Ozzy's crimes after a bat defecated on her head.

Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy achieved worldwide notoriety when he bit the head off an unconscious bat during a performance in Des Moines, Iowa.

On Wednesday (10Feb16), Ozzy's 31-year-old daughter Kelly told her Instagram followers she felt she had been targeted by one of the creatures. .

"#F**kMyLife walked down the street to @harrysfamouspies where a f**king bat attacked me and sh*t on my head!" Kelly fumed.

She later took to the photo sharing site to post a comparison picture of herself and Ozzy, and joked she thinks the bat attack was anything but a random incident.

"It was a case of mistaken identity @ozzyosbourne however I should not be paying for your crimes Dad!#BatSh*tCrazy," she wrote next to the snap.

Following Ozzy's infamous bat biting incident, the now 67-year-old singer said he thought the creature, which had been thrown onto the stage by a fan, was a rubber replica.

However, he quickly realised there was something wrong, as he explained in his memoirs I Am Ozzy.

"Immediately, though, something felt wrong. Very wrong," he said. "For a start, my mouth was instantly full of this warm, gloopy liquid, with the worst aftertaste you could ever imagine. I could feel it staining my teeth and running down my chin.

"Then the head in my mouth twitched."

Kelly is currently in Australia where she is a judge on Australia's Got Talent. Her time Down Under hasn't been without incident, as she has been walking with a cane after fracturing her foot.

Speaking at the recent David Jones Autumn/Winter fashion launch, Kelly admitted she had made the injury worse by wearing heels during the AGT audition process, but hadn't realised her injury was so severe.

"I have five fractures in this right foot and I was wearing heels through the audition period of Australia's Got Talent," she told Daily Mail Australia. "And I'm like 'I'm in so much pain' so they sent me to the specialist and they said, 'oh you've got five fractures'."