Bella Thorne loves that boyfriend Gregg Sulkin isn’t into partying.

The 17-year-old actress was first linked to Gregg, 23, earlier this year. And Bella has revealed in a new interview that it is the pair’s similar interests when it comes to how to spend an evening that saw their relationship turn from platonic to romantic.

“All the boys I know that are my age want to go out and party and drink and go to clubs and do all this crazy stuff,” Bella told “And I’m tired! I’m too tired, I don’t want to participate in it. I would rather go home and watch Netflix and Gregg doesn’t like to do any of that either, he’s really not a big fan of it. So it’s nice to finally meet somebody who works as hard as you do and understands that when you have time off, you want to spend it with that other person. That’s a really cool thing.”

While Bella and Gregg have only recently started dating, they have known each other for years and their families are also close. But Bella added in the interview that the close relationship between her beau and her mother can sometimes be strange.

“My mom and him and I are all on one group text - it’s very funny,” she said. “They write all day to each other and sometimes I don’t even see the messages because I’m working. So I go back and I’m like, ‘Guys, can you please delete me from this group text? Ok? If you guys want to talk go have your own conversation please in your own group text!’ ”