Debbie Harry thinks Dame Judi Dench is a fantastic icon.

The 69-year-old singer is the subject of a new photography exhibition in London, UK, which charts the success of her band Blondie. It's got Debbie thinking about the way she's perceived and she's still surprised to hear she's inspired people.

"Someone like Judi Dench is a great icon. 'Icon' is such a strange word and when they started using it [about me], I thought it was kind of silly," she told Hello! magazine. "It really just has to do with visibility. I think the meaning has changed - that's what happens through time."

Debbie enjoyed looking back at the shots of her rise to fame, although she still can't quite believe it happened. She is still in awe of making money thanks to her passion, explaining there was no point in her life when she expected to be as successful as she is.

"It's interesting, I suppose, that I ended up having such a different life than I ever thought. I'm happy that it worked. I didn't really have an artistic upbringing, or background in music or anything. I just wanted to get into my own world. I had no way of knowing whether it would turn into a career. I was like a kid who was in some kind of weird candy store. It was great," she laughed.

Things are very different for stars who are up-and-coming these days. There is a massive focus on appearances and young singers and actors often find their personal life, rather than their talent, making the headlines. It's not something Debbie feels particularly qualified to discuss, although she does have a view on social media.

"I do have Twitter and Instagram - I sometimes think it's too time-consuming and I really don't have time for it," she said.