Bjork: Biophilia Live, the documentary film capturing the multidimensional concert centered on Bjork’s eighth studio album, will begin a limited series of premiere screenings at festivals, museums, libraries, galleries and cinemas worldwide—including Moscow’s 360° Contemporary Science Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro’s Festival do Rio, Reykjavík's Bio Paradis and Iceland Airwaves Festival, Panama City’s Biomuseo and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image—on September 5.

The film recently made its European debut at the Czech Republic’s Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, at which Variety praised the film as “a captivating record of an artist in full command of her idiosyncratic powers.” Additionally, the Museum of Modern Art recently acquired the Biophilia iPad app, making it the first app in MoMA’s permanent collection. At selected screenings the documentary When Bjork Met Attenborough will screen alongside Bjork: Biophilia Live. For more information visit

The film documents the live show based on Biophilia, the multi-disciplinary, multimedia exploration of the intersection of music, nature and technology first released in 2011 as an album and suite of apps which NPR called “astounding.” The intimate Biophilia performance, which premiered in 2011 in what The Wall Street Journal called a “magical evening,” finds Bjork accompanied by unique musical instruments, collaborators and visuals. “To bring the manifold ideas of her Biophilia app/album/educational series/multimedia experience to life,” Pitchfork writes, “[Bjork is] accompanied by an all-female Icelandic choir, a dazzling set of nature films, and a variety of custom-made instruments, including a Tesla coil that descends from the ceiling. In short, it’s…mind-blowing.” U.K. screenings of the film will be announced Monday, August 18.

Directors Nick Fenton and Peter Strickland, unique voices in their own right, film Bjork live in performance and augment her music with animation created by top designers. The film, produced by Jacqui Edenbrow/Gloria Films, also features science and nature archive and found footage inspired by the themes of the album, which explore the relationships between musical structures and natural phenomena—atomic, cellular and cosmic. The infinitely creative journey presents a culmination of work that represents one of the most original musical endeavors of a generation.


September 5 Reykjavík, Iceland Bio Paradís
September 26 New York, New York IFC Center*
October 10 Brooklyn, New York Nitehawk Cinema
October 10 Chicago, Illinois Gene Siskel Film Center
October 10 Aichi, Japan TOHO Cinemas Nagoya
October 10 Kanagawa, Japan TOHO Cinemas Kawasaki
October 10 Kyushu, Japan TOHO Cinemas Tenjin
October 10 Los Angeles, California Downtown Independent
October 10 Osaka, Japan TOHO Cinemas Umeda
October 10 San Francisco, California Roxie
October 10 Tokyo, Japan TOHO Cinemas Roppongi
October 10 Toronto, Canada Bloor Hot Docs Cinema
October 16 Berlin, Germany Kino Central
October 17 Denver, Colorado Sie Film Center
October 17 Miami, Florida O Cinema
October 17 Montréal, Canada Cinéma du Parc
October 17 New Orleans, Louisiana Zeitgeist*
October 17 Oslo, Norway Victoria
October 17 Phoenix, Arizona FilmBar*
October 17 Portland, Oregon McMenamin Mission
October 17 Rijeka, Croatia Art-kino Croatia
October 17 Silver Spring, Maryland AFI Silver Theatre
October 17 Tønsberg, Norway Kilden
October 17 Vancouver, Canada Pacific Cinematheque
October 19 Amsterdam, Netherlands Eye Film Institute
October 20 Ålborg, Denmark Biografer Ålborg
October 20 Amsterdam, Netherlands Melkweg
October 20 Århus, Denmark Biografer Århus
October 20 Beinasco, Italy Space Cinema Beinasco
October 20 Belpasso, Italy Space Cinema Belpasso
October 20 Bochum, Germany UCI Bochum
October 20 Bologna, Italy Space Cinema Bologna
October 20 Casamassima, Italy Space Cinema Casamassima
October 20 Catanzaro Lido, Italy Space Cinema Catanzaro Lido
October 20 Cerro Maggiore, Italy Space Cinema Cerro Maggiore
October 20 Copenhagen, Denmark Palads Teatret
October 20 Corciano, Italy Space Cinema Corciano
October 20 Dresden, Germany UCI Dresden
October 20 Dusseldorf, Germany UCI Dusseldorf
October 20 Esbjerg, Denmark Biografer Esbjerg
October 20 Firenze, Italy Space Cinema Firenze
October 20 Genova, Italy Space Cinema Genova
October 20 Grosseto, Italy Space Cinema Grosseto
October 20 Guidonia, Italy Space Cinema Guidonia
October 20 Hamburg, Germany UCI Hamburg
October 20 Herning, Denmark Biografer Herning
October 20 Hillerød, Denmark BioCity Hillerød
October 20 Kolding, Denmark Bio Center Kolding
October 20 Koln, Germany UCI Koln
October 20 Lamezia Terme, Italy Space Cinema Lamezia Terme
October 20 Leipzig, Germany UT Connewitz
October 20 Limena, Italy Space Cinema Limena
October 20 Livorno, Italy Space Cinema Livorno
October 20 Lucerne, Switzerland Kino Bourbaki
October 20 Lyngby, Denmark Biografer Lyngby
October 20 Milano, Italy Milano Odeon
October 20 Minneapolis, Minnesota Heights Theatre*
October 20 Minsk, Belarus Cinemascope
October 20 Montebello, Italy Space Cinema Montebello
October 20 Montesilvano, Italy Space Cinema Montesilvano
October 20 Munster, Germany Cinema Munster
October 20 Næstved, Denmark BioCity Næstved
October 20 Napoli, Italy Space Cinema Napoli
October 20 Nola, Italy Space Cinema Nola
October 20 Nurnberg, Germany Cinecitta Nurnberg
October 20 Nykøbing Falster, Denmark Bio Nykøbing Falster
October 20 Odense, Denmark BioCity Odense
October 20 Parma, Italy Parma Barilla Center
October 20 Parma, Italy Parma Campus
October 20 Pradamano, Italy Space Cinema Pradamano
October 20 Prague, Czech Republic Bio Oko
October 20 Prague, Czech Republic Kino Aero
October 20 Quartucciu, Italy Space Cinema Quartucciu
October 20 Randers, Denmark Biografer Randers
October 20 Roma, Italy Roma Moderno
October 20 Roma, Italy Roma Parco de' Medici
October 20 Rozzano, Italy Space Cinema Rozzano
October 20 Salerno, Italy Space Cinema Salerno
October 20 Sestu, Italy Space Cinema Sestu
October 20 Silea, Italy Space Cinema Silea
October 20 Surbo, Italy Space Cinema Surbo
October 20 Taastrup, Denmark BioCity Taastrup
October 20 Terni, Italy Space Cinema Terni
October 20 Torino, Italy Space Cinema Torino
October 20 Trieste, Italy Space Cinema Trieste
October 20 Trondheim, Norway Cinemateket Trondheim
October 20 Vicenza, Italy Space Cinema Vicenza
October 20 Vimercata, Italy Space Cinema Vimercate
October 20 Vimercata, Italy Space Cinema Verona
October 20 Zurich, Switzerland Kino Riffraff
October 21 Ljubljana, Slovenia Kino Šiška
October 21 Písek, Czech Republic Kino Portyč
October 22 Budapest, Hungary Toldi Mozi
October 22 Klatovy, Czech Republic Sumava
October 23 Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic Drahomira
October 23 Sarajevo, Sarajevo Canton Kriterion Kino
October 24 Barcelona, Catalonia Cinemes Girona
October 24 Buenos Aires, Argentina Buenos Aires Mon Amour Cine
October 24 Girona, Catalonia Cinemes Girona
October 24 Ogden, Utah The Art House Cinema 502
October 24 Taipei, Taiwan Golden Horse
October 24 Winnipeg, Canada Winnipeg Cinematheque
October 25 Ålesund, Norway Ålesund
October 25 Asker, Norway Asker
October 25 Askim, Norway Askim
October 25 Goteborg, Sweden Bio Roy
October 25 Halden, Norway Halden
October 25 Hønefoss, Norway Hønefoss
October 25 Horten, Norway Horten
October 25 Kristiansund, Norway Kristiansund
October 25 Malmo, Sweden Biograf Spegeln
October 25 Nymburk, Czech Republic Sokol
October 25 Stockholm, Sweden Bio Rio
October 25 Tromsø, Norway Verdensteatret
October 25 Verdal, Norway Verdal
October 27 Melbourne, Australia Centre for the Moving Image
October 28 Duluth, Minnesota Zinema 2*
October 29 Honolulu, Hawaii Honolulu Academy of Arts
October 29 Huntington, New York Cinema Arts Centre
October 29 Rochester, New York George Eastman House*
October 30 Regina, Canada Regina Public Library
October 30 Victoria, Canada Cinecenta
October 31 Budapest, Hungary Muvesz Mozi
October 31 Tulsa, Oklahoma Circle Cinema
October 31 Valletta, Malta St. James Cavalier
October, TBA Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Festival do Rio
October, TBA Moscow, Russia 360° Film Festival
October, TBA Saint Petersburg, Russia Saint Petersburg Media Forum
October, TBA Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul Film Festival
October, TBA Ankara, Turkey presented by Istanbul Film Festival
October, TBA Izmir, Turkey presented by Istanbul Film Festival
November 1 Groningen, Netherlands RKZBios
November 1 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Midtown Cinema
November 5 Atlanta, Georgia Studio Movie Grill Holcomb Bridge
November 5 Budapest, Hungary Taban Kinoteka
November 5 Columbus, Ohio Studio Movie Grill Arena Grand
November 5 Dallas, Texas Studio Movie Grill Spring Valley
November 5 Houston, Texas Studio Movie Grill City Centre
November 5 Indianapolis, Indiana Studio Movie Grill College Park
November 5-9 Reykjavík, Iceland Iceland Airwaves - Bio Paradís
November 6 Boise, Idaho Flicks Boise
November 6 Charlotte, North Carolina Studio Movie Grill Charlotte
November 6 Portland, Oregon Space Gallery
November 7 Temuco, Chile Universidad de la Frontera
November 7 Albuquerque, New Mexico Guild Cinema
November 7 Ensenada, Mexico Autonomous University-UABC
November 7 Johannesburg, South Africa Bioscope
November 7 Kaunas, Lithuania Romuva
November 7 Thessaloniki, Greece Les Yper Yper
November 13 Maracaibo, Venezuela Teatro Baralt
November 14 Columbia, South Carolina The Nickelodeon
November 14 Panamá, Panama Biomuseo
November 16 Querétaro, Mexico Cutout Festival
November 25 Guayaquil, Ecuador MAAC Cultura
November, TBA Bangkok, Thailand Science Film Festival 2014
November, TBA Brocket, Canada Peigan Nation Reservation
November, TBA Manila, Philippines Science Film Festival 2014
November, TBA Phnom Penh, Cambodia Science Film Festival 2014
November, TBA Egypt Science Film Festival 2014
November, TBA Indonesia Science Film Festival 2014
November, TBA Malaysia Science Film Festival 2014
November, TBA Myanmar Science Film Festival 2014
November, TBA United Arab Emirates Science Film Festival 2014
November, TBA Vietnam Science Film Festival 2014
December 10 Ponta do Sol, Portugal Cine Sol
December 11 Budapest, Hungary Puskin Mozi

* With screenings of When Bjork Met Attenborough