Demi Lovato has shared some “deep” advice with fans.

The 21-year-old pop star often takes to Twitter to spout her thoughts on life. And Thursday was no exception as the hitmaker took the opportunity to address how to stifle road rage.

“At times when you start to get upset at stupid drivers, just remember at some point you've been a stupid driver too,” she tweeted her 23 million followers.

“I know. This is deep,” she mused.

The subject is a close one for the star, who was involved in a car accident in 2011.

She spoke to HollywoodLife late last year about the lasting effects, and appears to now be trying a more zen approach to getting behind the wheel.

“I already go to a chiropractor twice a week because I have a really bad body. I got in a car accident and it’s so horrible — it’s still so messed up,” she told the outlet at the time, adding that she tries her best to carve moments for herself as much as possible.

“…I have that and I go to the spa and I take care of myself,” she said, noting it’s not always easy. “I already take care of myself a lot but when you’re so tired and you don’t get to exercise much. You want to get like five hours of sleep and you try and wake up to work out and it’s just not happening,” she said.

Demi, who is gearing up to launch her world tour next month, meanwhile made headlines this week amid reports she split from longtime boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama.

A source swiftly denied the claims to RadarOnline.

"Demi and Wilmer are not broken up," the purported insider told the outlet earlier this week.

“They are still a couple and very much in love."

Demi and Wilmer, 34, were first linked in 2010, but only publicly acknowledged their relationship in January of this year.