Barbra Streisand is reportedly furious with husband James Brolin for “ogling Kim Kardashian’s boobs”.

The 74-year-old actor apparently couldn’t resist sneaking a peek at the reality star’s famous curves at a private party in the Hamptons.

His reported behaviour was made all the more irritating for his wife as the pair were actually in the New York holiday spot to celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary.

A source told the American edition of National Enquirer magazine that Barbra “hit the roof” when she caught James casting his eye over Kim’s post-baby body.

And the 72-year-old diva was apparently “fit to be tied” after James’ wandering eye got him in trouble.

The allegations add fuel to rumours that Barbra and James are in something of a marriage crisis.

According to the National Enquirer, family feuds and cheating allegations are leading to pressure the couple to divorce.
However, the magazine adds that if the pair were to split, there would undoubtedly be a bitter fight over Barbra’s $40 million fortune.

James previously commented on the divorce rumours, calling them “bulls**t”.

And in a previous interview about his long-term love, James admitted he wishes they had met 30 years before they did.

“I wish I had met Barbra 30 years ago,” he told McCall’s magazine in 1998. “We've talked about this and we say, ‘Maybe in the last 30 years we've learned a lot of stuff that has helped us deal with who we are right now.’ Maybe it wouldn't have worked back then—she was busy; I was who I was. But I think it could have.”