Justin Bieber is supposedly “trying to hide” his one-night stands.

The 20-year-old singer and his on/off girlfriend of several years, Selena Gomez, are thought to be feuding once again.

And according to an X17 Online photographer, Justin let off steam by picking up girls off the street and taking them to the Beverly Center mall in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon, only to ditch them while he shopped solo.

"Bieber definitely hooked up with these girls the night before, even though he could do way better, which might explain why he ignored them the entire time he was shopping and kept them waiting,” the photog told the website. “He usually flaunts his flings in Selena's face, but he was actually embarrassed about this and clearly trying to hide it."

Justin and Selena are said to be attempting to make each other jealous over social media.

The Come & Get It songstress appears to be trying to make it clear she’s having fun being single on social media.

Her male model pal Tanz Watson sparked fresh romance rumours earlier this month after posting an image with the singer’s arms wrapped around him while making a kissy face on Instagram.

"Hold up hold up got my homie,” the caption read.

The actress has also been posting sexy images of herself travelling around Europe recently in addition to a number of love and relationship related memes.

Justin meanwhile continues to post images of himself with beautiful women on the social networking site.

On Monday he Instagrammed a picture during his alleged time at the Beverly Center, inquiring about the identity of a gorgeous woman.

"Who is this Guess Model. She's Stunning." he shared with his over 17 million followers.