Taylor Swift’s security detail are supposedly eyeing others in her vicinity “like a hawk”.

The 24-year-old superstar owns a $17 million beachfront mansion in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

And while Taylor was out dining at a local eatery in Westery called The Cooked Goose on Saturday, it is claimed her guards made fellow diners feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Taylor and her two friends took a table toward the back of the restaurant,” an alleged onlooker told Radar Online. “But her two security guards took a seat at the bar, eyeing the other diners like a hawk.”

Apparently Taylor wasn’t aware of what her minders were doing while she enjoyed a meal with her pals.

While the songstress casually ate eggs with hot sauce, it’s claimed her guards ran amok in the restaurant.

“My friend took her phone out of her purse, and one of the men screamed ‘NO PICTURES!’ She was just checking the time!” a supposed diner told the website.

“There were no overzealous fans approaching her. Some people didn’t notice she was there until the bodyguards created a scene.”

Also last weekend, the outlet reports Taylor’s guards closed off a section of a public Watch Hill beach so she could tan with privacy.

“They were turning people away. It’s a public beach!” an insider declared.

According to the outlet, a resident took to Twitter to vocalise similar sentiments about the alleged weekend happenings in the Rhode Island community, writing: “Doesn’t Taylor Swift have a tour to be on instead of invading my town and taking away my beach?”

This isn’t the first time the country singer has annoyed her neighbours.

Her security guards have previously been criticised for patrolling the public beach walk and sea wall below her property.