Rita Ora likes to sleep close to the door in case she has to make a run for it in the middle of the night.

The British singing star is a regular in hotel rooms as her busy schedule means she's constantly touring. While she misses her own bed, Rita does have some nightly rituals, no matter where she lays her head.

"Yeah, I’m always on the right. I’m always anywhere close to the door. It’s just so I can get out quick if something happens," Rita confessed to style.com.

"I always travel with these four things: a lavender pillow - it’s really good. It’s silk-covered and it’s got lavender leaves in it. It makes me go to sleep. A candle, a blanket, and a rose oil to keep my skin moisturised."

When the website quizzed her about what she sleeps in, Rita recited a line made famous by Marilyn Monroe. The screen siren once announced that she didn't wear anything in bed apart from her favourite scent, Chanel No. 5.

"Chanel No. 5. No, I’m joking!" Rita giggled. "Honestly, though, nothing. I don’t really like wearing clothes in bed."

When she finally does drift off to the land of nod, the How We Do (Party) singer often has strange dreams.

"So I had this dream the other night. Basically, Kate [Catherine, Britain's Duchess of Cambridge], the baby, and the royal family went on holiday, and for some reason I was best friends with Prince William. He came to pick me up - and I’ve never met Prince William - in his matte, black Porsche. No, it was an Audi two-door, actually. And he said, 'The family’s out. I’ve only got one night to party. Let’s go,'" she laughed.

"It was so weird, and then I woke up. It wasn’t even like I fancied him or anything. But, you know, everybody wants a prince as a friend."