"God Bless the families affected by the Boston Marathon Explosion, I'm praying for you all" Flo Rida said via Twitter.

Leslie Abravanel of Miami Herald broke the news of the collaboration between Marc Mysterio & Flo Rida on the new charity single, ‘Booty On The Floor’ (which samples Flo Rida ‘Respirator’ produced by Marc Mysterio under license from Atlantic Recordings and Rhino Entertainment, companies in the Warner Music Group).

But, who paid for the studio it was recorded in?

Remember that TMZ Reported that Globe-Trotting DJ/Producer Marc Mysterio sued Brandy Norwood for over a deal with him to feature on his single, 'Shout It Out'.

The suit was later settled with Mysterio noting to Artist Direct and Radar Online at the time, 'We're Cool now'.

In an interesting twist, Brandy's former-Boyfriend, Flo Rida, now collaborates with Marc Mysterio's new Perez Hilton endorsed single entitled 'Booty On The Floor' to benefit the families and victims of the tragic attack at the Boston Marathon, via One Fund Boston as we heard this weekend in The Boston Globe.

Now, Marc Mysterio notes for the first time that the money he received from Brandy was instrumental in the production of 'Booty On The Floor':

"My first purchase with the settlement money from Brandy, was a new music studio which was used to produce this charity song with Flo Rida, whom she was dating at the time, so I'm sincerely grateful to Brandy and her family – we finally got to make a difference together, all's well that end's well, -- Thanks Brandy from all of us in Boston" notes Marc Mysterio, who lived in Boston for many years.

Indeed, the song has quite the buzz at the moment - even Perez Hilton found time to comment on it, lending his endorsement as reported by the Boston Sunday Globe who urged his fans to “be charitable . . . and then dance by putting your booty on the floor.”

"'Put Your Booty On The Floor' is a paraphrased way to say 'Call to action' and 'get in gear' which honors the heroes that gave everything on the dime to help the wounded," notes Marc Mysterio, a multi-platinum performing artist of global repute with previous hits featuring Samantha Fox, Karl Wolf, European X-Factor & Eurovision Star Kati Wolf, Dhany of Benassi Bros, Katy Perry/Rihanna Super-Producer Sandy Vee and a remix cover of ‘One More Time’ by Daft Punk.