Adele is reportedly considering adopting a child with her boyfriend Simon Konecki.

The couple are believed to be planning to travel to Africa this spring. Adele is eager to see the work carried out by Simon’s Drop4Drop charity which helps to bring clean water to developing countries.

They have also arranged a visit to an orphanage in Addis Ababa with a view to adopting a child, it is claimed.

“Simon and Adele want to put the wheels in motion to adopt an Ethiopian girl,” a source told Star magazine. “And they are planning to try getting pregnant after they marry. Adele can’t wait. They’ve agreed that they want to have a big family, biologically and through adoption. They’re talking about having as many as five or six kids.

“Adele loves playing wife to Simon and being a stepmom to his five-year-old daughter. She is willing to do anything to make sure this relationship works out.”

Adele has made no secret of her desire to become a mother and has previously revealed she wants a big family.

The British singer is reportedly planning to spend four weeks in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa this spring.

“[Simon’s] in Africa so much for his job, so she’s going to travel with him,” a source told the publication. “Simon wants to show Adele all the good work his charity has done, and she’s eager to help when they are there.”

Meanwhile, Usher has urged people to stop buying Adele’s smash hit album 21.

The R&B star currently holds the record for the best-selling album of the 2000’s and has joked that he is determined to hold on to the honour.

"I have to confess that I have told a few people not to go and buy Adele's album because I don't want her to go and break my record,” he told UK radio station Capital FM. "No actually, I love her. Unfortunately, she's the closest to breaking my record for the last ten years. So now guys, don't go and buy that album right now."