Taylor Swift is deeply inspired by Sir Paul McCartney’s music.

The 22-year-old songstress has been a big fan of the Beatles musician all her life.

Taylor is in awe of what Paul has achieved during his career.

“His music makes me feel there’s more good in the world than we think, and maybe love can really exist in a pure form,” Taylor told People magazine. “And isn’t that what we want to feel when we listen to music? To see Paul doing what he’s doing at 69 is so inspiring. He’s out there continuing to make his fans so happy. Any musician could only dream of a legacy like that.”

Taylor went on to reveal that Paul has been a huge influence on her own work.

The singer-songwriter spent her childhood listening to his impressive back catalogue of hits.

“I discovered his music on my own as a child, then bought all of the Beatles and Paul McCartney tapes and CDs I could find,” Taylor shared. “Paul writes about his life and the things he’s learned about love in such a brilliantly simple way. I feel as if I’ve been let into his heart and his mind.”

Taylor was thrilled when she got the opportunity to meet her idol. She says the legend was nicer in person than she could have dreamed.

“When I met him backstage at his 2010 concert in Nashville, I remember being excited that he was such a kind person,” she recalled. “Seeing him sing Blackbird live will always be a moment I won’t forget.”

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