Corina Brouder (America’s Got Talent) an award winning singer first discovered by legendary film music composer John Barry is crossing the Atlantic and catching a flight out of Belfast this week so that she can record a song that Malta’s own Sophie has composed.

Corina, who has performed in much of Europe as a guest on the David Hasselhoff tour will be making her first trip to the island courtesy of easyJet.

The song a sumptuous ballad was written with a singer blessed with unique vocal skills in mind and Corina is very excited about tackling it. “I thought the song was beautiful when I first heard it and would love to have the chance to record it”
Singer songwriter Sophie although still only 17 years old and currently working on her own album will be involved in the recording along with the production from her record label Thru The Mill.

Label manager Giles Squire feels this could be just the start of Sophie writing for others. “We were very impressed when we first heard the song and when you consider the other tracks Corina will be recording are John Barry songs this is no mean achievement!”

He added “due to time constraints both with studios and Corina’s commitments we have only a tiny window and we are very grateful to easyJet for making this happen”.