Slipknot’s Corey Taylor has lashed out at producer Rick Rubin, calling him a “thin shadow of his former self”, “overrated” and “overpaid”.

Taylor was speaking at a Q&A session in Texas on Friday, November 18 when he said “There are some people who would love for me to toe the party line, which is basically ‘Working with Rick Rubin was a very enriching experience.’
Let me give you the fucking truth of it; Rick Rubin showed up for 45 minutes a week. Rick Rubin would then, during that 45 minutes, lay on a couch and have a mic brought in next to his face so he wouldn’t have to move.”

He later added “The Rick Rubin of today is a thin, thin, thin shadow of the Rick Rubin that he was. He is overrated, he is overpaid and I will never work with him again as long as I fucking live.”

Rubin produced Slipknot’s third album ‘Vol 3. The Subliminal Verses’. For their fourth album, they used Dave Fortman and Chris Vrenna, as well as crediting themselves.

Slipknot bassist Paul Gray died in 2010. There is talk of the band returning to the studio for a new record, but nothing has started just yet.

Rubin has worked with artists as diverse as The Beastie Boys, Slayer and is credited with revitalising the career of Johnny Cash with the American Recordings albums.