Amy Lee celebrates her success with rum and soda.

The American songstress is back on the music scene with rock band Evanescence after a stint away from the limelight.

The alternative group - also comprising of Terry Balsamo, Tim McCord, Troy McLawhorn and Will Hunt – have reached number one in the US with their new self-titled album, which is the first since 2006 record The Open Door.

Amy loves celebrating with the odd tipple or two.

“Captain Morgan [rum] and diet soda,” she revealed when asked what she requests on her backstage rider. “I don’t usually drink it, but after the show it’s cool to have a drink when you’ve had a good time.

“Let’s see, I use ginger, lemon and honey for my voice. Plus, a few snacks, but that’s it.”

Amy insists the atmosphere in the Evanescence camp is a thrilling one. The star is enjoying being back on the road with her bandmates.

“The biggest difference is that we’re having a ton of fun. Last time I think we were all pretty tired. We’re all in such a good place now and we just made this great record together! There’s probably been too much fun,” she laughed in an interview with Kerrang! magazine.

“We were all on the bus last night at 3am and we’re just excited and yelling and congratulating each other on having the number one album in the US!”

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