Hilary Duff has already picked out some names for her baby.
The star is four months pregnant with her and husband Mike Comrie’s first child.
Hilary and her ice hockey player spouse already have two possible names lined up.
“We have one that’s very traditional and one that’s more unique,” she told E! News. “And when the baby comes out we’ll decide then. It's not a fruit or a veggie.”
So far the actress-and-singer hasn’t suffered from any morning sickness and has had a fairly easy going pregnancy. She is already contemplating having more children in the future.
“We definitely want to have more than one,” she revealed. “We don’t want to have just one child [Mike] comes from a large family, I’m super-close with my sister. I think that’s important. But we are not planning that right now. We’re like, ‘Let’s see how one baby goes.’”
The expectant mom announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday that she is having a boy.
However, Hilary insists that Mike would have been happy whatever.
“He’s not like that,” she explained. “He was just happy either way. He’s really happy that we’re having a baby. He never one was like, ‘I hope it’s a boy! I hope it’s a boy!’ like most guys do.”
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