Robbie Williams thinks it is “about time” he became a father.

The 35-year-old singer admits he and girlfriend Ayda Field have discussed starting a family and expect it to happen in the near future as they are ready to settle down.

He said: “That’s definitely on the agenda – little monkeys running around. It’s about time. I’ve had a good innings.”

Despite proposing to 30-year-old Ayda live on Australian radio last month, Robbie insists it was just a joke and he and the actress have no plans to marry.

He told Closer magazine: “I’ve been going out with her for nearly three years and solidly for a year and a half. But I want us to play around and have more fun and not be grown-ups yet.”

The ‘Bodies’ star is content with his relationship with Ayda and believes they would still be together even if he wasn’t famous.

He added: “She digs me and I dig her, she knows who I am and I know who she is.

“I trust her 100 per cent and there isn’t even a glimmer of worry of her only liking me for all this singing thing.

“I’m a pretty cool guy without all of that anyway!”

When asked the secret to their long relationship, Robbie says it is “the little things like cuddles and tickles” and insists they never fight.

He said: “We never fall out, we just get on and make each other laugh. We’re a good team.”